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Statement Issued in solidarity with K.K. Shahina

The power structures around us have failed to ensure and guarantee social equity in multiple ways. Communalisation of common spaces is an important mechanism through which it is ensured. Fundamental rights of individuals are increasingly subject to their religious identities. State machinery is increasingly becoming partial and is taking sides against poor, minority and other excluded groups. Those individuals who raise their voice and speak out against oppression are being selectively targeted.

In India security agencies are targeting and victimizing individuals who spoke out against state oppression, be it ‘Operation green hunt’, Armed force Special protection act, Kashmir issue or fake encounters of Muslim youth. False cases are framed-up against Social activists and journalists, in order to warn others into maintaining silence.

Recently K.K. Shahina from Tehelka, exposed the high-handed role of Karnataka police in 2008 Bengaluru blasts case, under which Abdul Nasar Madani of People’s Democratic Front (PDP) is arrested. Shahina in her article, “Why is this man still in prison?” that appeared in Tehelka dated 4 December 2010, shows the use of use false and forced testimonies in arresting Madani. She interviewed the people recorded as witness and found strong evidences of fabrication. The report raises larger questions on the investigation that is being carried out on Bengaluru blasts case and other similar incidents.

In response to the article, the Karnataka Police (Somawarpet and Siddhapura Police station) has booked two cases under IP 506 on Shahina and four other people, accusing them of intimidating witnesses. The Karnataka Police is trying to intimidate and silence her and others in this issue.

We stand in solidarity with K.K. Shahina and against the roughshod treatment of the case (or harassment / maltreatment meted out to her by the state) and demand that all cases against her be dropped immediately.

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