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Networking and


Multi-stakeholder involvement and networking is necessary to mobilise the communities towards inclusion as well as escalate the issues of equity at the macro level. Across the country, there are organisations, collectives and individuals who have already been involved in social equity projects with a vision to build systems and patterns to identify exclusion and to promote inclusion. Networking with these organisations as well as sector-based NGOs, is one of the key functions of SEW. Networking with groups who have already been involved in advocacy would help in the effective management of the external advocacy part. Social Equity Watch’s role would be to provide adequate equity related knowledge to strengthen their hands. As mentioned above, building a solid knowledge base on equity would therefore be the main objective.


The accumulated knowledge would be shared widely among NGOs, INGOs, Government development agencies, bilateral, multilaterals and various people’s organisations so that SEW would contribute to the culture of equity and inclusion and promote equity-based advocacy. The ultimate impact would manifest through the people who will be questioning and monitoring each and every development intervention in a way that no form of exclusion would raise its ugly head.

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