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Praxis as the secretariat of SEW-holds a significant role in anchoring the process of building the capacity of stakeholders, from across the nation, who share equity concerns. The process of social equity auditing needs trained personnel to facilitate the same and the organisations need capacity enhancement in terms of acquiring knowledge, accessing resources as well as building networks at their respective levels. Capacity development of organisations will enable them to look into their own systems and practices from an equity angle to discern their own aberrations in terms of inclusion of the vulnerable sections in their own programmes and projects. Capacity building is focused at:

  • Enabling the partners to discern and address negative discriminations inherent in current development practices, which efface the vulnerable and marginalised sections of the society from the agenda of development. In order to achieve this, the partners will be supported to develop locally sensitive indicators and tools to measure the level of exclusion and thus generate patterns, methods, and innovative approaches in the direction of inclusion.

  • Enabling the partners to assess how far the principles of non-discrimination and inclusion are operational in the organisation as a whole, in its vision-mission statements, organisational structure, strategies, and decision-making processes.

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