Monday, 27 Jan 2020
From Social Equity Audit to Social Equity Watch (SEW) PDF Print E-mail

The core group meeting held on 5th May 2009 ratified the need for Social Equity Watch (SEW) and it was decided that Praxis would anchor the secretariat for the same. It was also endorsed that a greater political role for SEW needs to be envisioned. Secretariat will be the executive arm, providing the support, management, and coordination for the process. Social Equity Watch (SEW) would be a larger platform in which organisations and people who believe in inclusive politics would be able to come together. This togetherness is likely to generate fresh debates on social exclusion and ignite innovative ideas on inclusion through participatory practices that enable organisations and communities to effectively move from exclusive to more inclusive approaches and processes. In the current context SEW is envisaged to enlarge the role of SEA by providing a wide platform of diverse interests, visions and aspirations with respect to inclusiveness in all facets of development interventions.

In other words, SEW will function as a platform for sharing the equity concerns and to politically engage in the promotion of social equity in all interventions for development. Social Equity Watch does not intend to confine its focus to disaster contexts and subsequent emergency programmes. It will also look into the strategic interventions and policy initiatives that potentially contribute to exclusion in the long run. This course of action is conceived as a political process that critically looks at the power structures, systems and relations at the micro and macro levels that perpetuate exclusion and discrimination.