Monday, 17 Feb 2020
Social Equity Watch (SEW)
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Social Equity Watch is conceptualised as a political process that will critically examine power structures when they fail to ensure and guarantee social equity. Social equity implies fair access to livelihood, education, and other resources; full participation in the political and cultural life of the community; and self-determination in meeting fundamental needs.


Goals and Objectives of SEW

The Social Equity Watch is committed to further the goal of inclusion by enabling the organisations to progress systematically towards social inclusion and equity in their programming and institutional development. The key objectives of SEW are summarised as below:

  • To ensure that the principle of social equity is embedded in the organisational policies, governance systems, staff structure, processes, and organisational culture

  • To provide analysis of complex social and economic relations affecting the vulnerable and the marginalised in a given context

  • To help the organisations follow up rights-based approach in the programme so that the rights of the vulnerable communities and groups are ensured

  • To ensure that organisations undertake systematic vulnerability analysis in the programme area

  • To ensure that development interventions increase the skills and competencies of the vulnerable groups

  • To help organisations towards inclusive programme designing


Social Equity Watch is committed to bringing development projects into the framework of an inclusive approach at all levels namely conceiving, planning, designing, implementing, and monitoring. It is expected to build a wider platform to bring the actors of social equity together in order to further the goal of inclusion. It is envisaged to enable the communities to challenge and question the mainstreamed models of development that result in massive exclusions, especially in the context of globalisation. Under this influence, the communities will be able to involve in a perennial process of engagement with systems, power structures and patterns of development in order to bring the equity perspective into the centre stage.